One Room Challenge Begins…

Happy New Year! Long time no blog post. 🙃 Seriously, I cannot believe the last time I said something on here was a year ago. Let’s fix that shall we? With this quick update on plans for my bedroom makeover. Well, it’s technically not a makeover since it’s been in the works for several years as per usual–an evolution if you will.

But since no one asked, I figured I’d share all the details that are going into finally finishing this project😉. To keep myself accountable and to take you guys along on this 8 week journey, I’ve signed up for the one room challenge .

As with most décor projects, mine started with what I needed in this room. Our bed was the first thing to be purchased in 2017. In order to use the storage underneath, I needed to consider non traditional nightstands. Enter CB2 to solve that problem with this helix ladder line. The frame stands about 5 inches from the wall so that we can actually use the under bed storage. FINALLY! 

On my side I have the helix desk so I can work when the kids are in their room for bedtime. And on his side, he has storage to hide his junk. Yes, #shade 😆.

Here is what we need to achieve in the next 8 weeks;

week 1: build my budget and shop for paint swatches

week 2: online shopping for everything in need to complete my project

week 3: paint an accent wall as a base for my mural

week 4: create a stencil to guide my mural

week 5: DEEiY framed art for above my bed

week 6: Paint the mural

week 7: styling the shelves

week 8: Bedroom Reveal

If all goes according to plan, our bedroom will finally be done after 7 years! I guess better late than never. Watch me finish and then we find a house to buy. lol.


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