Diverse Books For Kids

diverse childrens books

When I was a little girl, thirty something years ago, the world wasn’t connected as it is now. These days, my kids can instantly be transported to new worlds within a YouTube video.  Some people even think that physical books may become obsolete one day. But my boys are being raised by two bookworms; so it is not surprising that we should be invested in raising our own children to be interested in reading as well.  

While we are still somewhat in control of what our kids are exposed to and not at the mercy of an algorithm, we have chosen to normalize the differences that they will find in the world around them by exposing them to a wide range of diverse characters in books. We believe that this will make them less likely to be fearful of things and people outside their own experiences. Instead we hope that this will allow them to be accepting of cultures different from their own. We also hope to stimulate imagination and curiosity in both our kids. At least that is the goal when we began to build our library of children’s books.

Here is a short list of 13 diverse books that we have come to love as part of this collection (in no particular order);

Books are vessels that transport little minds into worlds they would not otherwise be familiar with. Books are tools on a tiny human’s journey to becoming decent human beings. Our hope is that they will come to cherish the world’s they find inside and outside of books as much as we did as children.



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