Grab-And-Go Essentials for a Mama of Two

I feel like I am forever saying this but, being efficient has just become a new way of life for me. With two kids, I just don’t have 30 minutes to pack a new bag EVERY-time I have to leave the house: So I found a work-around. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the go pouch set . I’ve been using these a little over a year now and they are a game changer. I keep them pre-packed with essentials so that they are ready to go whenever I need to leave the house. They are made of 100% heavy weight nylon and are water resistant( so basically kid-proof). Seriously, they have changed my life!

I should have probably started out this blog post by telling you that you don’t NEED a diaper bag. I know, WILD right? But I discovered long ago ( well, almost three years ago now) that diaper bags do not work for me. Even though the bag was always packed and ready to go, it meant that I had to carry two bags, one for the kid and one for me. And any time I had to travel, that was almost 4 bags I had to lug around + the kid! And did I mention that they are expensive as heck? Yeah no, I needed an alternative. So these go bags have been revolutionary to my lifestyle. And because your girl Dee is extra, I have them color coded by age so that each kid has their own bag. This way, if i have to leave the house with just one kid, I grab exactly what I need every time. Try it, thank me later. And in the glorious event that I get to leave my house unattended, I just leave them at home 🙂

But, If you have kids or are planning on them, you will soon learn that they need ALOT of stuff! Good Lord. Babies and toddlers alike need A LOT of stuff! It’s pretty insane. But I don’t have the back strength or the desire to carry everything with me so I’ve narrowed it down to the essentials i NEED grouped by category so its easy for you. If you have ever wondered what a breastfeeding mama of two needs when she leaves the house with both kids… here you go:

dee diary

For That #StrollerLife :

Cant leave the house without a stroller! We have two ( vista for everyday) + ( folding yoyo for daycare/travel)

For Diaper Change :

Portable Changing Station, Diapers, Nappy cream, Wipes, Change of clothes & Swaddle

For Feeding :

Formula, Snacks , Fruit Pouch , Water bottle, Bib , Toddler spoon, Burp cloth, Bottle Warmer, Burp Cloth

For Eczema Relief :

Hydrocortisone crème & Shea Butter

Milk Maid Tings : 

Portable Breast Pump, Pumping bra, Bottles, Cooler, Wipes/Nursing cover

Kid Friendly Entertainment :

Toys , books , kids tablet

Teething/ Sleeping :

Pacifier , Portable Sound Machine, Teething Beads.

Stuff For Mama :

Wallet , Keys,Phone , water bottle , Hand sanitizer , Masks, Makeup, & Go Pouch Set

And there you have it. I know it sounds like a crazy amount of things to lug around for a tiny human. Take it from me, having kids is crazy town. Lol. But seriously, once you have everything you need in one place, the next time you leave the house is a breeze. You got this mama!


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