My Postpartum Style

I’ve been doing my best to raise my son in the best way I know how and lately it has been dawning on me that I am best able to do this only when I take care of myself. For many months after he was born, I threw myself into taking care of my son. Making sure he was fed, clothed, clean and engaged. Before I knew it, months had passed, and I was suddenly back in the work-force. Until that point, I had lived in bathrobes and would be lucky if I got a good shower in occasionally. I didn’t bother with bras because, lets be honest, I was a milk machine and I didn’t deserve nice things. Seriously, my bed sheets were soaked with milk, my clothing, my underwear. I’m pretty sure I smelled like milk. TMI? Trust me, that description could be worse. I promise, one day , I’ll share a detailed account of my challenging first few months as a new mom. For now, let me tell you about the adventures of dressing my body as a new mom.

Just the thought of getting dressed in the morning was so exhausting that it was easier to just walk around in a nursing bra and a robe. But this was NOT going to fly in the work place.The first time I tried on my old pair of jeans, they didn’t go up past my thighs. I thought, ok! I’ll wear a skirt. But then I discovered that the zipper wouldn’t close past my newly acquired belly rolls. I tried on the biggest work button up I could find in my closet and was horrified to find that not only could I not button the shirt but my hideous pink nursing bra was making its debut into society. I burst into tears. I can’t remember if it was the hormones or the thought of shopping or the thought that I had no choice but to leave my house but in that moment, I was certain that my life was over! I know, I’m dramatic. Ask my husband.

loft turtleneck sweater

loft turtleneck sweater

In the end, I settled on an oversize sweater to hide my gut and I used an elastic band to hold the buttons of my pants together. It was the middle of winter and my coworkers were just going to have to make do. I eventually went shopping and replaced my wardrobe with a few key pieces. But a year later, and I am still partial to sweaters. I have SO MANY of them in my closet. Granted, I have lost a lot of weight since last year; a combination of post partum depression, extreme anxiety, over production of breast milk and bad eating habits. But I do find that sweaters, especially of the oversize turtleneck variety, remain a closet staple for me. I can look like I put in some effort into my look without really trying. This is why I am excited for my collaboration with @loft to bring you my favorite selection of sweaters from their current collection. They also happen to have a 50% sale at the moment so happy shopping!


My outfit was gifted to me by Ann Taylor Loft. However, all thoughts and ideas expressed in this blog post are entirely my own.

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