New Year, New Dee

I’ve been existing completely outside of my comfort zone lately. And it would be nice to say that it was by choice but life has a way of forcing your hand. I can proudly say that my patience dramatically improved because both the husband and the tot have sat on my laaaaaast nerve. In fact, as I write this post, I am taking a deep woosah , because for the last hour I have been trying to put my son to bed and just when I finally got him to close his eyes, the fire alarm went off. What was burning you ask?! Great question. Well, as it turns out, my husband was trying to be helpful in the kitchen. So. Instead of being a bitch(insert alternative description that eludes me) about it, I am trying to acknowledge that something nice was being done for me. Albeit, I should point out that his timing might have been better but a noble thought non-the less. See? I told you, I’m changing. This would NOT have been my thought process some years ago.

So here I am rocking a short bob because my edges fell off after child birth. I got tired of the struggle-fro so I chopped it off. Not a bad look right? And with the new baby came a new body that I have decided to have fun dressing. So my wardrobe has scored more color and pattern than ever before; like this outfit from @loft. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I mean. I get some side eye from the husband once in a while but YOLO

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Did I mention that I am now running on the most ridiculous amount of sleep in my life? As in, what is sleep? It’s a wonder that I am able to stay awake through my work day and not be a major f up. Anyway, all this to say, that God is molding me into a better version of myself. I suspect rolling out of bed after 1pm on the weekend was a waste of my life anyway.

But, despite the temporary discomfort, I have to confess that I am liking this version of me so get used to her.


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