Colorful Gift Guide

colorful gift guide

How is it already December 13?!? 🤯Feel like it was January yesterday but here we are. And if you are me, you are still not done with your Christmas shopping 🤦🏾‍♀️.I wrote this list for my procrastinator brothers and sisters. Here is my roundup of colorful Christmas gifts.

The New Barbie Doll

Gone are the days when all the Barbies were skinny and lily white. Now they are thick and they come with blue afros! I’m here for the revolution and I think someone in your life will enjoy these.

Colorful coffee-table books

Just because these books are meant for reading, doesn’t mean they can’t also look pretty! These books are some of my favorites

Colorful robes

I gift one of these to all my expecting mama friends. They feel like being wrapped in a cloud. Someone once said they are a “very expensive home garment” but I can say that I’ve had mine for 4 years and they are WELL worth the $100 price tag.


Yes. You can pretty much get anything online these days. And live plants are no exception. The sill has a colorful assortment of vases and plants and they can be shipped right to your loved ones’ doorstep.

Eos lip balm

Help keep their lips juicy with this gift. They are perfect for secret Santa and they smell and taste AMAZING!

Colorful pajamas

I cannot say enough about how soft and comfortable these pajamas feel. And you can totally wear them outside your house 🙃.

Cooking Pots

Splurge on upgrading your lovers kitchen. Yes, they are a pretty penny but these enamel cast iron pots and pans look amazing in any kitchen and they last a lifetime! I’m serious, it will be the gift that gets passed down from one generation to the next. Did I mention you can put them in the oven? I love mine so much!

Colorful candles

This is another great stocking stuffer. They smell great and when you are done they can be used as plant pots! Win win! All my girlfriends got a Paddywax candle for Christmas last year.

Colorful Coat

Keep them warm this winter with their favorite colored coat. You can’t go wrong with this one. Except ofcourse if you buy the wrong size 🤔? Make sure to include a gift receipt 😉.

Colorful Bedding

Gift them the gift of good sleep! I’ve been a parachute customer for over 6 years and never looked back. Their brushed cotton and linen sheets are my favorite because I sleep hot. But they have a variety of cotton sheets that will delight even the most serious of people. Luxury sheets are a flex!

BONUS: Arq Underwear

Ok. So this one is personal. Like, don’t buy this for your coworker… I mean, unless your work wife is also your real wife? 🤔 lissen I don’t judge. But these wirefree cotton underwear are my absolute FAVORITE and they come in a HUGE variety of colors.

And that’s it. My roundup of my top 10 last minute colorful gifts. And the fun thing is you can get them all online and they all have rush shipping in the event that you like to play on the dangerous side. Happy holidays guys!


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